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Our Semi-Custom Collection offers a range of beautifully curated invitations. Our pre-made stationery is organically-designed and perfect for the couple with a unique, defined style that's also quick and affordable. We offer digital stationery templates you can even demo before buying! You can edit all text, change your text colors, and make it exactly the way you want it so you can be sure it's perfect for your special day!

How do our online templates work?

After you make your purchase you will immediately receive an email to the address associated with your Etsy account. Just click on the link, create an account, and start editing! You can change any text, choose your own custom colors and even move text and images around! Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you do not see your email within 5 minutes.

Which devices will allow me to edit the templates?

Currently our templates can be edited with a desktop computer or laptop only. Unfortunately they cannot be edited on a tablet or mobile device. Please be sure your browser is updated to the latest version as our template application uses some of the latest web technologies. 

Do I need to download a program to use the template(s)?

All you need is a web application which will allow you to fully edit your template(s) directly in your browser. No software needed to install or fonts to download. It's truly the easiest way to customize your stationery!

Can you edit or change the text?

Our Semi-Custom Collection is 100% editable. You can change, delete, resize, or add any text you like. You can choose your own text colors and reposition text anywhere on your template(s). You are able to change background colors and add a backside if desired and you may upload your own images!

What if I no longer have access to the email I purchased with?

Please go to and follow these prompts. Enter the email address from the order, continue, then click on "you don't have access to this email?". Please enter the Etsy order ID, this is found on the order receipt in your Etsy account. Once you are logged in, you will be able to update your email under settings.

How do I download
my design?

We highly recommend saving your templates often while you are working on them. When you are ready to save your changes, click the Save button in the top left section of the screen. You can download your design as a PNG, PDF or JPEG and print it as many times as you need!

I’ve purchased the wrong template by mistake, can I get a refund for it?

Due to the nature of buying online products, we cannot offer a refund for it. We have a strict no-refunds policy for all our digital products including templates and digital downloads. Please use the demo links to try out the template before purchasing.

However, if you purchased the wrong size or design (i.e. you purchased a 15-table seating chart when you wanted a 9-table one) we are happy to swap the templates for you in Templett. Send us an email and we will change it for you.

Do my templates expire? And why are there download limits?

Your template account doesn't expire but your templates from Laura Bergman Design do expire after 6 months. The templates are also limited to ten (10) downloads per user. If you've made multiple changes and have run out of downloads, please contact us to reset your limits. While most of our customers are amazing and do the right thing, unfortunately we have to enforce these limits to reduce the risk of copyright infringement and unethical reselling of our designs.

I'm ready to download and get my design printed.  Which file type should I download as and what’s the difference between them?

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